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RHF Quartz Stone

Our stone can be used for kitchen benchtops, island bench, splashback, commercial bar table, commercial kitchen, counter tops, reception table, bathrooms, flooring, shower and much more.




RHF Stone offer 15 years limited warranty and we can mail by post or email the application. Please fill out the form and return to us within 60 days from the date you received the form to guarantee the warranty. Request application form.


Colour Variation

The appearance of each slab will also vary depending on lighting conditions, placement and viewing angle. Different batch number on each product are likely have a different colour tone, RHF Quartz Stone do not recommend doing joining on your benchtop with a different batch number.


Original RHF Stone Product

Genuine RHF Quartz Stone Products will have a code at the back of each slab that is visible to see.


Cleaning & Maintenance

RHF Quartz stone is designed non-porous, surface which not need polishing or sealing.

Keeping your RHF Stone clean is simple and easy, recommended to use a soft cloth and apply some neutral household liquid detergent (avoid using any high pH products such as an oven cleaner). If RHF Stone are in contact with cleaning products that content bleach, acid or high pH chemical, rinse immediately to avoid further damage to the stone surface.

For deeper cleaning on your benchtop surface recommended to use nonabrasive cream cleanser mixed with warm water, gently wipe the entire surface or use a soft non-scratch cloth to very gently rub where you think that might be stained, remove all cleaning product and wipe down with clean warm water then use a dry non-scratch cloth to dry up the surface with your orginal shine. Never excessively scrub or rub heavily on your benchtop as this can or may cause dulling to the stone surface.

Hot pots and pans with amount of heat should never be placed on the RHF Stone has high heat resistance(120 degree heat), excessive localised heat may result in damage to your RHF Stone due to thermal shock.

RHF Quartz Stone recommend appropriate cutting board when cutting and not directly to the stone surface to avoid blunt knifes or object damaging the stone service.