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Is RHF stone stain resistance?

Yes, but high pH chemical, bleach or acid will damage the stone surface.

Do I need to rebuff the benchtop?

No, general everyday cleaning with a warm soapy cloth, rinse and dry will keep RHF Quartz Stone look as new every day.

Can I put a hot pot or pan direct on the benchtop?

Hot pots and pans with amount of heat should never be placed on the stone surface, it is always recommended to use a stand or trivet. A good rule for heat is, if your hand cannot tolerate the heat means the heat from the source is too high to place on the RHF Quartz Stone surface.

Can we use RHF Stone at my fireplace?

RHF Quartz Stone is tested and certified at 120 °C heat, it is designed for decorative use and should never be place inside of a firebox. You should always consult with the manufacturer of the fireplace to ensure that the maximum heat does not.

Can I get a quote?

RHF Quartz Stone is a wholesale company, we do not sell direct to public or to do any quotations. However, RHF Quartz Stone team is delighted to direct you to your nearest fabrication company can assist your quotation. Please call 1300 743 786 or email.

Can I get a thicker edge?

Yes you can.

RHF Quartz stone in Australia has a 20mm Standard thickness and you will need to consult with your fabrication company and inform what thickness you require for your project.

Is the joining visible?

You will need to consult with the fabrication company for your installation and fabrication, RHF Quartz Stone is the stone supplier for your project and we do not install or fabricate.

What is the durability of RHF Stone?

Like most materials, excessive force, loads, pressure or heat may cause damage to the surface. RHF Quartz Stone should always handle with care like all other materials.

Can I cut on my benchtop top?

RHF Quartz Stone is scratch resistance, but still RHF Quartz Stone recommended to use appropriate cutting boards when you are doing your cuttings to avoid any blunt knife or objects damaging the surface.

Can it be use outdoor?

If used in an outdoor environment, the RHF Quartz Stone 15 years Limited. Warranty is not applicable as our Stone is not UV ray approved.

Can I get a thinner slab?

Unfortunately, RHF Quartz stone only provide 20mm standard size in the Australian market.